How To Make Money From Airbnb Without Owning Any Property in CA

Published Oct 29, 21
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Secrets Of Running A Six-figure Airbnb Business near Santa Barbara CA

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You can make a six-figure salary at home. Despite what you may think, the short-term rental industry is a viable business even if you aren’t ready to invest. Here’s how to make money on Airbnb without owning any property. A short-term rental means renting a property for 29 days or less on Airbnb, , VRMO and the like.

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You can buy a property, we can build a property, you can build a treehouse if you want. But the major opportunity currently in the short-term rental space is leasing and managing other people's property on Airbnb. Simply, its leveraging other people's property via short-term rentals. There are two models for doing this: Leasing This is an Airbnb entrepreneur that goes and finds a homeowner.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what it is. It just needs to be a piece of property. You rent the house, stage it and then re-rent it back out to guests that are traveling to that city. It’s a very simple, very popular business model to make a six-figure salary at home.

Managing/Co-hosting This is where you find owners that have vacant properties and we partner with them and bring those properties onto Airbnb or Booking. com. Then, you host guests in those properties. And we as the Airbnb property manager, the co-host, you manage the entire process A-Z and we give the homeowner the profit at the end of the month.

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And the right landlord. On the other hand, it’s expensive to start and scale an Airbnb business with this model. You may be reading this and haven't even started hosting Airbnb. Are you really going to make six figures at home with this? Maybe you have one property and looking to expand into leasing.

On top of that, what happens if you don’t rent out your property by a certain time, you gonna pay for it. What's more, there’s regulation. There's no golden ticket. There's no secret on how to deal with regulations. So some cities have banned the leasing model, some cities restrict it, some cities have ignored it and some states actually supports it.

Sometimes, you put all the money into your leases, your deposits your furnishings, and your carrying costs, and then the city changes the laws. Then, you're stuck in a legal agreement with these owners. You have to figure out how to move your furniture. That's why we are noticing the biggest opportunity in the space right now is managing other people’s properties on Airbnb.

This is one of the best opportunities to make money on Airbnb without owning any property. The co-hosting business model This model literally costs nothing to expand. You can start making six figures at home without a penny. On top of that, it’s very scalable: you can add units with no money.

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Here’s an example of only one property his company manages: This is a property he manages solely on Airbnb. He generated over just $9,500 a month on this property renting it out for 19 weeks. This property is a bit further outside the tourist area. For every single dollar that comes in through Airbnb at the end of the month, Eric takes 25% and the homeowner takes 75%.

That’s why they get the bigger piece. But Eric’s company generates about $2,000 a month on this one home. The owner on average generates about $6,000 a month. That’s slightly higher than what the market rate rents are in that area - Airbnb. This home, ran remotely by Eric and his team, generates a consistent $2,000 a month.

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Eric and his team also get a commission 25% on this three-bedroom condo. In total, this unit generates about $7,000 a month: $4,700 for the owner and $1,600 for Eric and his team. In just a couple of steps, they plug this property into their systems, the cleaners run it, the checking service provider runs it and this property is run remotely.

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That's nearly $43,000 a year just on two properties. You’d only need about 5 properties like this to make a six-figure salary at home. You don't have to buy properties. You don't have to invest in mortgages. You don't have to invest in leases and furniture. Eric found these properties through real estate investors and real estate agents.

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